Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni Recipe

Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni is a Kashmiri formula made utilizing sheep, curd, cardamoms, cloves, and cinnamon. Generally arranged during festivities, this lamb formula has a magnificent fragrance of flavors that are the embodiment of this luscious curry. The term ‘Yakhni’ alludes to the saffron and curd based lamb soup which typically shapes the base of most sauces, shorbas and pulaos. This curry formula is thick and flavourful and tastes stunning with pulao, biryani, naan and even roti and parathas. On the off chance that you need to truly appreciate the flavors, pair it with plain steamed rice.The most effective method to make Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni

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Wash and clean the sheep and keep aside. Pour some heated water over the sheep and enable it to rest for 5-7 minutes. Presently, discard the water and wash the sheep once more.Warmth ghee in a profound bottomed dish. Include cove leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, entire red stew and cook on low fire till the flavors start to snap. Guarantee that you include the entire red chillies towards the end else they will turn dark.

Presently include lamb, turmeric,salt (you can include it according to your taste) and satue for 5-7 minutes on medium fire. Presently decrease the fire and coook secured till the lamb relax and is completely cooked. You can include a little water in the event that you feel the need.Whip the curd well and add it to the sheep. Guarantee that the sheep is revealed and the fire is at the most reduced. Presently powder the fennel, blend it in with dry ginger powder and add it to the lamb.


Include red clilli powder and cook till the blend thickens. Presently disintegrate saffron in drain and add it to the sheep. Mix for 2-3 minutes, expel from fire and serve hot.PS: It is a conventional formula and has a few varieties. If it’s not too much trouble share the manner in which your mother cooked it at home in the remark box underneath and we will distribute it in her name. You can altrenately send us your formula on our FB page.

Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni Recipe, is a kashmiri curry made with delicate lamb on the bone, that is cooked alongside entire flavors that are stewed in smooth yogurt sauce. Entire flavors like cardamom, cinnamon and narrows loan incredible taste and smell to this sheep yakhni.



  • Put every one of the fixings in cooking pot and give it a chance to cook on medium to high warmth.
  • While its cooking, somewhat spread the top of the pot; don’t cover it totally.
  • It won’t take long until the water diminishes from 4 cups to 1½ to 2 cups. at that stage its shading will be changed and it will be fit to be served.
  • Strain it (chaan lain) and serve warm.
  • It is normally preferred by and served to older or wiped out.

Significant NOTES:

  1. The gauge for including water is that for ½ little chicken include 4 cups of water and cook until water lessens to 1½ to 2 cups.
  2. Elements Of Chicken Yakhni
  3. 700-800 Gram Chicken pieces
  4. 6-7 Tbsp Oil
  5. 1 Cup Curd
  6. 2 Pieces Green cardamom
  7. 2 Pieces Brown cardamom
  8. 2 Small Cinnamon stick
  9. 1 tsp Saunth
  10. 1 tsp Saunf powder
  11. A touch of Kashmiri red bean stew powder
  12. To taste Salt
  13. The most effective method to Make Chicken Yakhni
  14. 1.Heat the oil and fry the chicken till dark colored.
  15. 2.Once done, expel the chicken and keep aside.
  16. 3.In a similar skillet saute the cardamom and cinnamon. Blend a touch of water into the saunf and saunth powders and add them to the container. Cook for 2-3 minutes, switch off the fire and carry the skillet to room temperature.
  17. 4.Now blend the curd into the dish and cook on a moderate fire for two minutes. At that point add the chicken to the curd. Sprinkle the bean stew powder and salt. Mix, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes till done.
  18. 5.Serve Chicken Yakhni hot with rice.

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