Beef Yakhni Pulao Recipe

Meat Masala and Basmati rice joined together into tasty Biryani…With regards to biryani, I generally go with chicken. Bone-in chicken pieces like drumstick or leg-thigh pieces make astounding biryanis. I only sometimes make sheep or goat biryani as I am not a fanatic of lamb. I love hamburger however haven’t took a stab at making biryani with it.A week ago, I had gotten an email from one my perusers approaching me to share the formula for making meat biryani. I had been considering making meat biryani for such a long time, and now the email demand propelled me to decide to make hamburger biryani throughout the end of the week.

Yakhni-Pulao (3

Since hamburger must be cooked for longer time, I made the meat masala in a weight cooker. That sort of made the arrangement procedure a lot simpler. Basmati rice was cooked independently in a rice cooker and afterward joined with the hamburger masala. One of my preferred fixings to include biryani is seared onion, I make hand crafted singed onions and I disapprove of locally acquired ones as they don’t taste any great. Naturally seared onions improve the kind of the biryani incredibly and it grants a decent smell as well.

Presently, it’s an ideal opportunity to boast: This hamburger biryani tasted extraordinary, far superior to chicken biryani or the meat café biryanis . In the event that you are searching for an unfathomably delicious hamburger biryani, I will say you gotta attempt this formula.Yakhni-Pulao


  1. Sheep 1 kg
  2. Onion 2 cut
  3. Ginger Julian 1 tbsp
  4. Dark pepper 20
  5. Cloves 10
  6. Cinnamon 2 inch piece
  7. Dark cardamom 2
  8. Little cardamom 2
  9. Garlic 1 unit
  10. Salt 1 tsp piled
  11. Anise seeds 3 tbsp
  12. Coriander entire 4 tbsp
  13. Water 8 cups
  14. Fixings section II
  15. Oil ¾ cup
  16. Rice 750 gm splashed
  17. Dark cardamom 2
  18. Cinnamon 1 inch stick
  19. Cloves 6
  20. Dark pepper 6
  21. Ginger garlic 1 tbsp piled
  22. Stew powder 1 tsp
  23. Green stew pounded 1 tsp stored
  24. Dark colored onion ¾ cup
  25. Salt 1 ½ tsp
  26. Yogurt 1 cup piled



  • Yakhni Pulao can be made with various types of protein. The most prominent kind of yakhni pulao are:
  • Lamb Yakhni Pulao
  • Chicken Yakhni Pulao
  • Meat Yakhni Pulao (the present formula and my preferred sort)
  • The most effective method to MAKE BEEF YAKHNI PULAO RECIPE
  • There are three stages to making meat yakhni pulao.
  • Making the Beef Yakhni/Stock
  • We start by heating up the meat with some fragrant entire garam masala and flavors (boquet garni). This completes two things: makes the yakhni and furthermore cooks the meat simultaneously. While you can heat up the meat, it takes longer, so we as a rule utilize the constrain cooker to do this progression.
  • 2. Decreasing the Yakhni/Stock and Cooking the Beef
  • At that point we take out the meat from the hamburger yakhni, and decrease the yakhni until it is down to around three cups.
  • While decreasing the yakhni, the meat is additionally cooked in a different pot with onions and more flavors.
  • 3. Collecting the Pulao and Dum
  • Once everything is prepared, we add the meat back to the yakhni, and carry it to a stew.
  • Include the rice and bubble, until the overabundance water vanishes and the rice is cooked.


Make a flavor pack with Onion 2 cut, Ginger Julian 1 tbsp, Black pepper 20, Cloves 10, Cinnamon 2 inch piece, Black cardamom 2, Small cardamom 2, Garlic 1 case, Salt 1 tsp loaded, Anise seeds 3 tbsp, Coriander entire 4 tbsp include a dish with sheep and 8 cups of water, cook till lamb about done and 4 cups stock left, heat oil include entire flavors in segment II with ginger garlic glue, fry well by including minimal little water at that point include all the flavoring with darker onion and yogurt, fry well, include bubbled sheep, cover and cook for 10 minutes, at that point include left over stock, when stock bubbling include drenched rice, cook on medium fire for 10 minutes at that point lower heat, cook for 15 minutes till done.

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